Harry Völker, The Netherlands

“I was born in Amsterdam, in the hunger winter (December 9, 1944). I had a lot of trouble with bad and too little food. I grew up in Amsterdam. My mother in particular stimulated piano lessons in my youth. In 1982 it turned out that our large chicken company (self-built) would not survive financially due to a terrible lung disease (Corona-like virus), which caused all chickens to die in 24 hours. I therefore took an entrance exam at a conservatory and was immediately allowed to go to the first class. After 6 years, I did the final exam. Piano classical. That gave me a diploma so I could teach at a music school. I also took light music courses at the conservatory and obtained the final diploma in Pop and Jazz. I have taught a lot at a large music school and for private students. I have been a composer and entertainer for a long time. I played background music in a renowned hotel restaurant. A student encouraged me to start playing for YouTube in 2010.

Harry working as a lounge pianist at the famous hotel and restaurant Parkhotel de Wiemsel in Ootmarsum, Netherlands. He played there on weekend evenings from 1985 to 2004.

Because I regularly have classic migraines, I am not suitable to give concerts. I am not strong either, a very important factor.

As long as my health allows, I want to continue playing the piano.”

— Harry Völker, The Netherlands

You can visit Harry’s website, where he posts videos and free sheet music at https://free-sheet.com/.

He has posted over 1600 videos on his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Chopinsperwer/.

12 thoughts on “Harry Völker, The Netherlands

  1. I like to hear the sound of music coming out of a piano and the keyboard and when it is played by friend Harry it is simply an exquisite performance!


  2. Hello Mr. Harry Volker, I ‘ve been listening to your piano youtube posts & I mentioned to you that some days I sing along with your piano playing. I took a lot of lessons in piano, and checked into getting some voice lessons but even with the pandemic right now they are quite expensive. I just wanted to tell you that you’ve helped me so much, even more so nowadays that COVID-19 is here for months your music and even me with a not so good in singing seem to make some improvement. I remember my late father telling me that vocals come from your gut. I try too but some days it’s still coming out only from my throat and not from all the way from my gut. Thank you very much! All of your music so far are so soothing and relaxing! Thank you! Much appreciation as always for your lovely music!


  3. What an artist, wish we could reach him for contact regarding his music. Such a gift, he plays so effortlessly… God plays through his music… Bravo Mr. Volker!


  4. Daqui, de Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil o admirável Harry Völker que vem executando de um modo cada vez mais sensível e único o seu glorioso repertório, tem este seu grande fã, o poeta Garoeiro!


  5. As a 45 year old pianist myself playing since a child and having enjoyed watched some of your movies, I began wondering who is this man with his electric keyboard?

    Finally I have found out who you are! Please keep up your YouTube movies… keep playing… and keep smiling.

    Have you tried A Walk in the Black Forest yet 😊?


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