Bailey Zhang, Houston, Texas

“I’ve never had a proclivity towards musical instruments. When I was young, my parents signed me up for violin classes. To their dismay, my career as a violinist failed to launch. From there, I joined my middle school orchestra and quit. In the beginning of high school, I started to teach myself the ukelele. It has successfully found its place in a dusty corner alongside my violin. Music to me has never been about creation but rather about appreciation. My friends always tell me I have the weirdest taste in music. I listen to various genres including: indie, jazz, EDM, R&B, rap, hip hop, classic rock, 2000s. You name it, I’ll listen to it. Well, besides KPOP, I refuse to ever listen to or enjoy KPOP (BTS army please don’t come for me). To me, music is emotion, expression, and evaluation. My choice in music always varies depending on the weather — literally. Music has launched many of my friendships, and it is always there for me at the end of relationship. Whether it’s screaming the lyrics to “The One that Got Away” on a night drive with my friends or listening to jazz on a rainy day, music finds its way in my life. Music always follows me and guides me through life. I could say my taste in music is parallel to my personality: depends on the weather. You like jazz?”

— Bailey Zhang, Houston, Texas

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