Michael Tyler, Houston

“When I was little, I gained an appreciation for musicality through my (self-described) tone deaf dad. He was always the most supportive of my instrumental endeavors and was blown away by my ability to play them. My dad also gave me a very broad palate, as he would put on just about anything for me and my siblings besides avant-garde jazz. Right now, my Apple Music is a mess of neo-soul, hardcore hip-hop, bossa nova, math rock, psychedelia, and guilty pleasures I refuse to own up to. I think people are surprised I listen to anything other than classical, but sometimes I like to pretend I’m cool so rap is a nice outlet. The music I listen to helps mark different points in my life. I incorporate it into my daily routine to the point that I remember events through the album I was listening to at the time. Now, I constantly link to songs back and forth with my brother and am always looking for my next obsession.”

— Michael Tyler, Houston, Texas

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