Francesca Fernandes, Saratoga, California

“To me, music is an outlet from the rest of the world. Whenever my life is hectic or I’m having a bad day, music is what I turn to. As a kid I was always surrounded by music —my parents enrolled me in piano lessons when I was five, my dad was always playing guitar, and family gatherings always centered around my relatives creating music together — so music just found its way into my heart naturally. But the reason I love singing so much is because of my natural passion for stories. I’ve always been an avid reader, I love theater, and I love, love, love listening to music. Singing allows me to combine all of these amazing aspects into one. (Also I was just bored A LOT as a kid, and when you’re waiting for your mom in the car, you can’t just whip a guitar/piano out of nowhere and start playing. BUT you can sing ;))”

— Francesca Fernandes, Saratoga, California

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