Darwin Chow, Saratoga, California

“Music has really been a major part of my life, especially since I started writing music. I started writing music when I was a freshman, and it’s been a really cool part where Iget to write poetry about how I really feel about things. I started writing music because I wanted to impress someone. It didn’t work out at all, but it’s cool. I’m actually glad it didn’t work out because now I know how to write music.

I’m the kind of person who really has a hard time talking about their emotions and how I feel, but when it comes to music I’m really never nervous around other people. Music, to me, is a form of art and self expression, a way that we can share our loves, passions, and emotions to the world. It tells a story and paints a picture. I love all types and forms of music, but I find the most peace in instrumental soundtracks as they tell the most amazing stories.”

— Darwin Chow, Saratoga, California

Darwin posts his original music on Instagram here.

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