Jadis Chen, Los Gatos, California

“My musical journey began at the age of seven when I was still dabbling in all sorts of different activities. At the time, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, and piano felt like an “off to the side” part-time activity. I was still taking lessons, but practicing for long hours sounded like such an excruciating task. But, nevertheless, I tried so hard to please my piano teacher and my mom. I participated in many piano competitions; however, I never felt satisfied or proud. Regardless, I tried my best to endure on this path, watching and listening to famous pianists like Yuja Wang and Yeol Eum Son to find inspiration and motivation. I admired these pianists, slowly wishing I could perform with great style like them.

As high school approached, I found myself practicing way more often, leaning onto piano as a way of relieving stress amidst long nights of studying and homework. Whenever I played the piano, it was like I was in another world where problems, stress, and fear were of foreign matters. I gradually became cognizant of music’s ability to dissipate every tiny complication in my life at that very moment.

To me, music is now such an irreplaceable piece of my life, an outlet for creativity, and a place where I can derive relief and joy.”

— Jadis Chen, Los Gatos, California

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