Anabelle, Morgan Hill, California

“Music has been a major part of my life, mostly in 2018 on. During that time of my life, I felt like there was no escape from reality. I felt as if I was in a place that I didn’t belong in; long story short, I felt like there was no escape from reality. However, in late 2018, I heard about a very popular K-Pop group known as BTS. I had heard their popular song called Fake Love, and I loved it. Sooner or later, I began to love their music. Because it was all mostly in Korean, I didn’t know exactly what they were saying. Around September of that year, BTS was invited to speak at the United Nations. Out of curiosity, I decided to watch. His message moved me. The member, Kim Namjoon, talked about how everyone, no matter who you are, should speak themselves, despite the situation they may be in. He mentioned how when he was growing up, he didn’t have enough faith to go on, until he heard his own voice urging him to continue on. This message went along with their albums Love Yourself: Her, Love Yourself: Tear, and Love Yourself: Answer. That was when I decided to thoroughly look at the lyrics in their songs, which were filled with messages about self-love and self-care. They taught me how to be myself and speak my mind. Their music guided me (and still does to this day) on the path of success. Fortunately, this movement didn’t impact just me, but everyone in their fan base. Their music is healing to everyone, even though their language is foreign to most of us.”

— Anabelle, Morgan Hill, California

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