Jaden Fong, Concord, California

“Music is an idea that everyone, no matter how different, can relate to. It lets me convey anything I want to anyone I meet, and it can make the listener feel the same thing I’m trying to convey.

Music is a way of communicating with people. It’s something that isn’t dependent on similarities. One could be from another country and still get an emotion or idea through a piece of music, even if the person playing the music is vastly different. I have played pieces before that were meant to be viewed in a certain way, but whether or not the person felt the same way I did about the piece of music, I can only guess as I didn’t ask.

I have witnessed people coming together to share a piece of music and relate to it but mostly enjoy a piece of music played. This happened when I was at a concert and there were three groups performing: a jazz band, a concert band, and a choir. Each of these groups had a “finale” which was supposed to be their best song. Those songs got the most applause despite the difference in music that all the groups had (jazz, classical, gospel).”

— Jaden Fong, Concord, California

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