Sujay Panthulu, Cupertino, California

“Music means a lot of things. For one, it’s an outlet for me to just create and explore. I really enjoy trying to create music in a certain style or sometimes even in no specific style. Music is also a way to escape sometimes the problems we face. When I sit at the piano, play in band, or just listen to music, I focus more on the music and less of the stress I may be encountering such as tests, homework, etc. Personally, music is just a really great way sort out my thoughts. Whether I intentionally or unintentionally do it, the music I play sometimes when I just need to play often reflects how I feel, whether I’m happy or sad or frustrated. I don’t always know how I feel, so music provides a way for me to understand myself a lot better.”

— Sujay Panthulu, Cupertino, California

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