Kailyn Fong, Concord, California

“I remember hearing my dad playing piano. I loved it, and I wanted to do just what he was doing. So in 5th grade, I finally enrolled in piano lessons. I was operating under the delusion that I would be able to play as well as him as soon as I started. It was not as I hoped. It was hard and boring and extremely annoying as my parents would constantly remind me to practice. Soon, though, maybe in the middle of 7th grade, I began to like it. I could play harder pieces and choose to play songs that I knew and liked. I love pop music, so I would find chords to songs and sing along to the piano. I write lyrics to songs, and soon, I began to create piano music for my songs. I think that’s what I’m really into. I mostly write pop but sometimes infuse a touch of country or elements of R&B.

During quarantine, I’ve decided to learn a new instrument. I found my mom’s old acoustic guitar, tuned it, and started to teach myself. Now when I write music I add guitar. While we were in quarantine I also found myself playing piano more. I even found one of my favorite piano composers named Yiruma. I liked how calming his pieces were and am now playing multiple of them. I recently found out how to use GarageBand, so I’ve been recording songs on there and hope to have people hear them someday. Now that I look back I’m glad my parents forced me to continue piano because if they hadn’t, I never would have really found my love for music.”

— Kailyn Fong, Concord, California

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