Zahra Jeevunjee, Los Gatos, California

“Music was a way for me to express myself in a way that words could not. Ever since I can remember I have been singing. It allows you to dig up a story from the heart and let it out through your voice. Pouring my thoughts into a song is something that has become so effortless and natural, and it allows me to feel free.

My piano journey began at the age of 4. My grandfather used to listen to a lot of piano music with me. I would listen and watch in awe at the piano player’s hands flying across the keys. I knew that I wanted to do that. For a young kid, practicing was a task I despised and got very bored of doing, but luckily, the people around me always encouraged me to continue instead of quitting, something I’m glad I didn’t do. Music is a part of me that I was brought up with and something that I count on everyday.”

— Zahra Jeevunjee, Los Gatos, California

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