Share Your Story

Anyone is welcome to share what music means to them.

The story of the human relationship with music gains richness with the diversity of its many voices. People of all ages, gender, nationality, ethnicity, and musical background are encouraged to contribute!

If you would like to share what music means to you, you may reach us through Instagram, email, or fill out this Google Form, where you may type a response or schedule a phone/video call interview with me!

Need help getting started? Here are a few sample questions to think about.

  • Describe the role of music in your life.
  • Do specific songs remind you of a specific time in your life? Someone in your life?
  • What genre/type of music do you listen to most often? Can you describe why you enjoy it or why it’s meaningful to you?
  • How has music of non-Western cultures been presented in your experience?
  • What role does music play in times of hardship (eg. COVID-19)?
  • Describe how playing or listening to music impacts your mood.
  • For musicians: Why do you play? What is your greatest struggle/joy with music? What is your greatest achievement with regard to music?

Questions or comments?

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