Andrew Shoemaker, San Diego, California

“For me, music has played a pivotal role in developing my self-esteem. I never spent enough time practicing an instrument to get good at it, and growing up my parents listened to AM talk radio, so my exposure to music was very limited as a child. The first artist I really enjoyed listening to wasContinue reading “Andrew Shoemaker, San Diego, California”

Josephine Chou, Saratoga, California

“To me, music is a form of expression and healing. I was a shy and extremely quiet middle schooler; I did not have many friends nor was I confident. Because I found it difficult to express myself using words, I turned to music to ease my pain and struggles. While playing piano, I was inContinue reading “Josephine Chou, Saratoga, California”

Ajay Gupta, Saratoga, California

“I started playing piano when I was maybe three or four and had lessons once a week. Then I stopped when I joined band from seventh grade to sophomore year, and I never really played the piano then because I had marching band and private saxophone lessons. I quit band after sophomore year, and IContinue reading “Ajay Gupta, Saratoga, California”

Louise Osborne, Lake Almanor, California

“I was born in 1945, so around 1946 to 1952, we would go every summer from Ohio to Colorado because we had a cabin in the mountains. That was a long trip. We didn’t have car radios, let alone computers or ways to listen to music, so my father would sing. He made up funnyContinue reading “Louise Osborne, Lake Almanor, California”

Carol Kim, Sunnyvale, California

“When I was in my teens and twenties, music was a means to connect with friends and the world. I was into pop and rock back then. In my thirties, music was a means to lift my spirits and match my mood — so more pop, R&B and hip hop. Now, in my forties, musicContinue reading “Carol Kim, Sunnyvale, California”